Community Lottery 2024

This year, we’re taking part in the 2024 People First Community Lottery to help raise much needed funds.

What’s the Community Lottery?

Originally known as the People’s Choice Community Lottery, the People First Community Lottery gives local sporting clubs, schools, charities, volunteer groups and other not-for-profit community groups around Australia the opportunity to raise funds and achieve fundraising goals. The Community Lottery has helped to raise more than $22 million for community groups since its inception in 1984.

If you’d like to help us raise money this year, please buy tickets and help us reach our goal so you can keep supporting our local community.

Tickets are only $2 each and by buying from us, not only do you support us, you also go into the draw for a chance to win one of 52 prizes worth over $300,000.

How do I buy tickets? To buy tickets, head to the Community Lottery pages to find our group and click on buy tickets. Each ticket is another entry to win!