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Chairperson’s Report 2017

2016-2017 has been a challenging year for MACASA. Although the Government has extended our funding agreement until 2020, providing some level of stability, it has put a hold on its proposed changes to the way funding monies would be allocated. This has required a strategy turn around for the organisation and a rethink regarding our search for a new premises and service expansion.
Unfortunately, with the ‘rolling over’ of current funding arrangements, the opportunity to re-apply for additional grant funding has also not been provided. MACASA has not been able to apply for the funding increases it needs to support the growing demand for meals and domestic assistance services, as well as the increase in its operating costs. As a consequence MACASA has had to dip into its funding reserves to pay for the additional operating costs that come with yearly indexation and the need to meet customer and regulatory demands. We had hoped to move into a ‘user pay’s funding model from 2018, but with this model now on hold for the foreseeable future, the strategy to cover the short term costs of increasing market share is no longer appropriate. As such, the Management Committee has had to cease accepting referrals from My Aged Care and identify strategies to cut costs and increase revenue. And whilst the Committee continues to seek a premises that will better accommodate MACASA’s operational requirements and introduce alternative revenue streams, it has had to approach the move more conservatively knowing that the opportunity to recoup the costs of providing additional services has now been hindered by the Government’s recent funding decision. Finding a suitable premises at a low cost is proving very difficult and it becomes increasingly unlikely that we will be relocated before the end of 2017.

On a positive note, this year MACASA has connected with the Maggie Beer Foundation, and met with the CEO to discuss partnership opportunities. MACASA are always striving to provide the best quality and tasting meals for its clients. This ethos fits with the vision of the Maggie Beer Foundation to provide meals that are full of flavour and nutrients, and that every meal can give comfort and pleasure and always be something to look forward to. MACASA were invited to apply for the scholarship program ‘Creating an appetite for life’ provided by the Maggie Beer Foundation annually. The scholarship is only offered to a select group of 30 chefs and cooks to help improve the meals provided within aged care facilities and services. As MACASA are always looking to improve the meals we offer to our clients an application for our cook Rhiannon to attend was submitted. It was with great excitement to learn that Rhiannon was accepted into the scholarship which was a 2 day Master Class. The Master Class provided the Rhiannon, and MACASA, an innovative growth experience and provided fresh ideas for the preparation and delivery of aged care meals.

MACASA has also introduced fund raising initiatives and has ramped up its efforts to seek funding for equipment and activities wherever possible from small grant opportunities. This will be an ongoing strategy for MACASA, along with other fund raising exercises. Fund raising and grants will be sought wherever possible to relieve the financial pressures on the budget.
In the last 12 months we have welcomed two new Management Committee Members and are looking forward to welcoming a third at this year’s Annual General Meeting. Sharon Scott and Julia McGrath have joined Penny, Helen, Jessie and myself and have brought to the Committee valuable legal and business skills. Alan McLaughlin has participated in meetings in 2017 and provided the Committee with invaluable financial advice and we are looking forward to his becoming an official member.

MACASA’s staff and volunteers continue to provide an exceptional level of service and product and the demand for services is consistently strong. I am forever grateful to everyone in the organisation for their ongoing commitment and effort. Nothing would be possible without them.

I am looking forward to the next 12 months and, although I expect them to be as challenging as the last 12 months, with the ongoing support of staff and volunteers and a renewed Management Committee, I feel confident we can meet these challenges head on.

Best wishes for the festive season,

Kim Murphy


Maltese Meal & Community Services Annual Report 2016-2017
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Annual Report 2016-2017


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