Welcome to the online issue of MACASA News this is our next step in communicating with our members, volunteers and the world around us with up-to-date information on our activities.


                                                Funded                     Non Funded

3-course meals                         $11.00                             $17.00

Individual meal items

Soup                                           $3.00                              $4.00

Main meal                                   $7.00                              $9.00

Dessert                                       $3.00                              $4.00

If you have a home care package and would like to receive our meals call our staff on 8241 0266 to discuss how.


 Bus transport for functions (each way)                             $5.00

Transport for appointments (each way from)                   $10.00

Domestic Assistance

General Clean                                                                  $18.00


MACASA Activities

July 2021

Monday                           5             North – Monthly Luncheon – Mawson Lakes Hotel – Please contact the office if you require transport.

Monday                          12            South – Monthly Luncheon – Morphett Arms Hotel Glengowrie

Wednesday                    21            West – Monthly Luncheon – Cancelled due to Lockdown

Wednesday                   28            Bus Trip – Barossa – Cancelled due to Lockdown

August 2021

Monday                           2             North – Monthly Luncheon – Cancelled Due to Restrictions.

Monday                           9             South – Monthly Luncheon – TBA due to Restrictions 

Wednesday                  18             Bus Trip – Barossa – Barossa Valley Chocolate Company

Wednesday                   25             West – Monthly Luncheon – Cheltenham Community Centre

September 2021

Monday                           6             North – Monthly Luncheon – TBA – Please contact the office if you require transport.

Monday                          13            South – Monthly Luncheon –  Morphett Arms Hotel Glengowrie

Wednesday                    22            West – Monthly Luncheon – Cheltenham Community Centre

Wednesday                   29            Bus Trip – The Pryers on the Fleurieu

To view our full years events please download the Annual Calendar 2021 or 2021 MACASA Functions.

As well as this, the regular issue of the Bulletin will be posted to all clients, volunteers and members. We will have regular updates as and when information becomes available.  If you have anything to contribute or to inform our Maltese Community in South Australia, please contact us at:

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